At Work with Paris Mitchell Temple
Photographer Rob Tennent

Paris Mitchell Temple opens the doors of the new Paris Georgia HQ in Eden Terrace, Tamaki Makaurau.

Co-founded with friend Georgia Cherrie, Paris Georgia is a contemporary ready-to-wear label producing modern classics. The workspace is functional and modern with an emphasis on natural light. With the majority of the walls bare, it leaves a gallery-like feeling for the collections to sit on display.


Where do you feel most creative?
After each look book is shot Georgia and I have a ritual to take a break. I make sure I always go on a trip whether it be a local getaway or overseas, it gets me excited about making clothing again. The process tends to start with taking photos, writing ideas down in my phone and scribbling on my sketchpad. Now Georgia has opened an office in London there will be much more inspiration trips for sure!

Tell us about the inspiration and ideas around your new studio space?
We worked with Sam Boanas, he was hugely instrumental in getting the design and feel of the space right. Personally I find it hard to envision layouts when you walk into an empty, white building but he made it all so seamless and beautiful. The colour palette was something I was very obsessive over (poor Sam). We got there in the end and feel like we struck a beautiful balance between soft and punchier tones.

How does this space function?
The team work together collaboratively as there are so many moving parts to the business and the design of the space enables us to do this. The design room (where photos were taken) is solely design focused where fittings also take place. We have such an incredible team here in New Zealand, it’s important to us they feel good in their working environment.

Who inspires you?
I watched an interview with Rick Owens recently, I admire the world he’s created. His furniture, clothing and his outlook on creativity and life, he’s an inspiration to me for sure.

Who are your favourite designers and artists right now - furniture, art, fashion?
Day to day, I feel really lucky to work next to Meg Porteous’ Self-Portrait (the dilemma), 2019. I was drawn to the work when I saw it a friends house, it was one of the first outings I’d had with my daughter when she was first born. When Meg & I spoke about it she said it was a reconstruction of an image her mother took of herself when she was pregnant with Meg. There was only one left, I think it was meant to be!

Tell us why you chose the Hotaru Pendants?
The Hotaru pendants in the design room were chosen almost before we had started, something about their scale and delicate presence brings a sense of peace.

What is next for you and for Paris Georgia?
Georgia recently moved to London to open an office there, I miss her terribly but it’s such an exciting, entirely new chapter for Paris Georgia.

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