Nutrient Hand & Body Moisturiser
490ml Pump
Nutrient Hand & Body Moisturiser
Nutrient Hand & Body Moisturiser
Nutrient Hand & Body Moisturiser

The Nutrient Hand & Body Moisturiser by SURFACE is a natural yet effective moisturising balm enhanced with hydrating bio-active wakame, mānuka and hyaluronic acid intended for everyday use to promote, restore and maintain moisture, nurturing the skin’s microbiome. Natural humectants are combined with organic Jojoba oil, Cupuacu Seed butter and beeswax to provide supercharged hydration, simultaneously repairing stressed and damaged skin, rejuvenating the skin's barrier and deeply replenishing moisture resevoires.


The Nutrient Hand & Body Moisturiser improves elasticity, brightness and leaves skin feeling supple, with a natural unisex fragrance of smoky manuka and fresh, green base notes that provide an overall uplifting, earthly scent. Sensitive skin friendly, and perfect for use in the kitchen, bathroom, home or office. Pair with the Nutrient Hand & Body Wash by SURFACE.



Made in New Zealand




Designed by Simon james
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Nutrient Hand & Body Moisturiser

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