Milk and Sugar Set by John Pawson
When Objects Work
Milk and Sugar Set by John Pawson
Milk and Sugar Set by John Pawson
Milk and Sugar Set by John Pawson

The Milk and Sugar Set is designed by John Pawson for When Objects Work. The design was inspired by Pawson's task of providing the refectory of the Abbey of Nový Dvůr in Bohemia with a set of implements and vessels appropriate to the functional and aesthetic needs of the monastic community.


The designs reflect a commitment to the discipline of paring away until what is left cannot be improved by further subtraction — ‘I seek the comfort of exactness, an absolute precision of scale and proportion’.


This stoneware set includes a spoon crafted from solid ebony wood, sourced from vintage offcuts. 

Designed by John pawson
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Milk and Sugar Set
When Objects Work

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