Illuminating Exfoliant
Emma Lewisham

The advanced treatment Illuminating Exfoliant polishes away impurities - resurfacing, brightening and giving deep 24 hour hydration to reveal an instantly smooth, supple and radiant complexion. Everyone’s favourite exfoliants - AHA and BHA - gently dissolve pore-clogging debris and minimise the look of redness and reduce breakouts - restoring a clear, healthy and luminous glow. 

Harnessing the power of high performing actives, including Organic Yarrow, Mallow and Hibiscus flower peptides, all ingredients in this scientifically proven formula are meticulously chosen to brighten, detoxify, smooth and hydrate. Restoring Sea Kelp supports youthful looking skin, while Saccharide Isomerate - the next generation of Hyaluronic Acid - triggers the skin's own rehydration system, delivering unparalleled hydration as it plumps the skin. 


Exfoliating is directly correlated to anti-ageing benefits and is a fundamental building block to overall skin health through ensuring other skincare products can be applied optimally to skin. A combination of physical and natural chemical exfoliants, this luxurious formula delivers truly age-defying results.  

Best for:  dullness • ageing • dehydrated skin 

Natural Actives Include - AHA •  BHA •  Saccharide Isomerate (Hyaluronic Acid)


Designed by Emma lewisham
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Illuminating Exfoliant
Emma Lewisham

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