Falling Trees - Eau de Parfum
Regime des Fleurs

The intoxicating FALLING TREES eau de parfum by Regimes des Fleurs is fresh, smoldering and majestic. Featuring Elemi essential oil, juniper essential oil, olibanum absolute, myrrh resin, treemoss absolute, cypriol essential oil, benzoin resin, oak.


Part of the exquisite Pour Tous collection of perfumes from LA based, high concept fragrance house, Regime des Fleurs. Pour Tous means 'for all' and the collection draws from the sublime drama of the botanical world with vivid, fresh and smoldering notes captured by the Robertet nose Mathieu Nardin, a native of the French perfume capital, Grasse.


"Trees learn and remember; nurse sick neighbors; warn each other of danger ... and, for reasons unknown, keep the ancient stumps of long-felled companions alive for centuries". - Peter Wohlleben, forester and author

Designed by Alia raza ezra woods
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Falling Trees - Eau de Parfum
Regime des Fleurs

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