Clear Tumbler - set of 3
Hasami Porcelain
Clear Tumbler - set of 3

Hasami's clear tumblers are a practical, refined everyday drinking glass. 


Hasami's tumblers are modular and - like the rest of the collection - can be stacked together. With minimal decorative elements, the entire collection features straight lines and standardised diameters allowing them to be stacked multipurposefully. These glasses work especially well with a coaster, or stacked for storage with your favourite cups


The tumblers are constructed with a heavier base, for a sturdier, balanced construction. They are large enough to fit a full 330ml can, and will be used daily for anything from water to an evening cocktail. 



As with all Hasami Porcelain pieces, their production is of the utmost integrity. The clear tumblers are manufactured in Japan by Toyo Sasaki, the manufacturers of the well-loved 'HS Hard Strong' glasses. 



Sold as a boxed set of 3. 

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Clear Tumbler - set of 3
Hasami Porcelain

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