0/0 Lilac and Purple - Magnum Size
Tanchen Studio
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0/0 Lilac and Purple - Magnum Size
The 0/0 bag by Tanchen Studio is a playful bag for carrying wine from A to B.
“0/0” (pronounced “zero-zero”) refers to wines with minimal intervention. Zero added, and zero removed: just pure fermented grape juice. In the same spirit, we designed this bag by going back to basics. The 0/0 bag’s stripped-back design and elastic material means that it stretches to reveal and take on the object’s shape. As wine lovers, we created it specifically to hold large bottles, but it can also be used to carry all kinds of things: fruits, beer cans, tumblers, and much more.
Crafted in stretchy elastic cord and with comfortable oak handles, you can sling this over your arm as you head out the door. 

A perfect gift with a special bottle of wine inside. Also available in a Lilac & Sand colourway. 
Designed by Tanchen studio
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0/0 Lilac and Purple - Magnum Size
Tanchen Studio

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