At Work with Maryse O'Donnell founder of MARYSE
Featured Brand Maryse
Photographer Rob Tennent

Maryse O’Donnell is the founder of MARYSE. A skincare brand thoughtfully formulated with multi-nutritive botanical ingredients, the MARYSE range has been curated according to O’Donnell’s refined expertise and pared-back approach to beauty. We visit Maryse's space that characterises simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Where do you feel most creative?

I feel the most creative in my blend studio when I have the time and space to research and start developing ideas and formulations. It’s a separate space from the house, amongst native trees and garden where I can fully focus on my practice. Set up to be calm yet functional, I can experiment with new ingredients and develop my products without interruption.

Tell us about the inspiration and ideas around your work space?

We worked with Glamuzina Architects on the studio. Even though it is a contemporary structure, we wanted it to feel like it had always been there. We chose cedar wood, recycled brick, and oak, and painted the interior deep green to blend in with the surroundings. The depth of the colours and abundance of natural light give the space an intimate quality. We also wanted to source locally when possible - the cabinetry uses Macrocapa from a local sawmill and the recycled brick is from our neighbours now demolished fireplace.

Emile Drescher made my oak work table and standing packing desk along with our bespoke mahogany coat hooks. They are all slightly different forms and I love how beautifully mismatched they are.

Artist Kate Newby made ceramic doorhandles for the space. They are all unique in shape, colour and size. She’s is a friend of mine so it's really special having these made for the space. I love how her each of her works are so unique using lots of different textures and materials like ceramics, glass and casting as part of her process and she always responds specifically to the space.

Tell us why you chose the Hotaru Pendants?

The Hotaru Pendants work so well with the aesthetic of the space. I love how they are made from natural materials like so much of the studio — washi paper and bamboo — and while it is sculptural and large in scale it stills feels modest and unassuming.

What is your personal style at work?

In the studio my hands-on practice means I prefer to wear more functional clothing that isn’t too delicate. My uniform is usually a Maryse shirt from Penny Sage, which allows me to move freely and roll my sleeves up when I need to work with raw ingredients and make an absolute mess!

What is next for Maryse?

I have reformulated the entire collection to boost its potency and introduce more locally sourced and native ingredients. We’re also launching alongside new branding and an online store. I also have some really exciting new products on the horizon, including a high performance hydrating cream and a new mineral tint colour which will launch next month.


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Maryse wears:
Maryse Shirt by Penny Sage
Oversized Organza Bow by Sophie Buhai
Classic Delicate Chain Bracelet by Sophie Buhai

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