At Work with Lewis Shanahan

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At Work with Lewis Shanahan

Lewis Shanahan, Production Coordinator at Simon James gives us an insight into what a day at work looks like for him and reflects on his favourite SJ pieces to date. With Special guests Earl and Plum who Lewis shares with partner Georgia Currie, we are thrilled to end our Journal series for 2022 here. See you in 2023!

When do you feel most creative?

In the car driving alone at night.

Tell us about the your favourite Simon James pieces?

We are lucky enough to have gotten a few new pieces this year. My favorites being the Clerici Dining Table by Mattiazzi and the Arcade Sofa by Simon James. Currently eyeing up a Clerici Bench by Mattiazzi and the Torso Table Lamp by Menu to pair with it!

Lewis wears Poplin Sleep Shirt in Boro Stripe and Poplin Sleep Pants in Royal Blue and Earl wears Kids Pyjama Set in Boro Stripes by Tekla

Tell us a story about your favourite piece of furniture?

I have an old leather Tessa Armchair that was my Grandmother's knitting chair and I spent hours in it as a kid at their house. Once she passed away it kicked around the family until it landed with me and now it lives in my garage as my thinking chair.

How would you describe your personal style?

Homer Simpson.

Who inspires you?

Cheesy, yes - but family and friends for sure. I am surrounded by people building businesses, families and homes, aswell as my kids who are the biggest inspiration of all.

What does a day at work look like for you?

This varies from day to day but as Production Coordinator - much like the tide it all revolves around stock coming in, and stock going out.

What is your favourite project to date?

It was before my time but I love the Tara Iti projects like the Cheshire designed Fieldings House. I think up there is as close as it gets to heaven.

Who are your favourite designers and artists right now - furniture, art, fashion?

My favorite designer will forever be the mother of my children Georgia, she is working on her upcoming label Flowers aswell as wearing many other hats. Also I think Grace Wales Bonner, and the shirts coming out of Our Legacy are great. I'm not very clued into art but we have a big new Glen Otto which we call "The Count" and he is a welcome addition to the lounge.