Peake Road Project by Gezellig Interiors

Bay of Plenty-based interior design studio Gezellig Interiors sets the bar for contemporary tranquil living with their latest residential work, Peake Road project. ‘Gezellig’ adj. (heh-SELL-ick) a Dutch word, which does not have an English equivalent but can be described as cozy, inviting, pleasant, comfortable, also connoting time spent with loved ones, or general togetherness. Bearing to the ethos of the name, the tenor of this project has a very deliberate freedom to be austere that makes it feel both open and closed at the same time.


Light filters through the soft drapery and lands tactually on polished concrete floors filling the space with calmness. The allure of weightlessness from the light diffuses across all living areas serving as the perfect backdrop from every angle. Appreciation for privacy is maintained as the form wrap and weave from within and between the indoor and outdoor walls. The inert colour palette is uncomplicated and complementary to the classic material choices that exemplify the simplicity of design, allowing the craft and finishings to boast for itself, developing an overall sense of composure.

A home that does without excess grants the perfect stage to be set for pieces of love to decorate the space, the Peake Road project is equilibrium reimagined.



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Interior Design Gezellig Interiors
Photographer Jono Parker