Skin Shield with SPF30
Emma Lewisham
Skin Shield with SPF30
Skin Shield with SPF30

This day crème combines sun and antioxidant protection with 9 high performing actives – a proven SPF30 formulation that improves the health and condition of your skin. This luxurious formulation delivers broad spectrum UV protection alongside a synergistic complex of ingredients that leaves skin powerfully hydrated, resilient, and luminous. 

A unique triple-action ingredient system provides next-generation protection from the effects of UV radiation. A highly efficient and photostable SPF30 complex delivers batch-validated protection from UVA/UVB rays, while a powerful pink algae extract helps to prevent damage from free radicals and degradation of collagen. Moisture-enhancing technology delivers supercharged hydration, while specialised plant stem cells preserve skin tone. A proprietary complex of high potency actives protect your skin while enhancing elasticity, radiance, and plumpness.

Designed by Emma lewisham
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Skin Shield Take On The Day Crème with SPF30
Emma Lewisham

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