Filio Teapot (1.5L)
MONO Germany
Filio Teapot (1.5L)
Filio Teapot (1.5L)

The Mono Filio teapot is characterized by maximum reduction. Von Grolman's Mono Filio teapot is a further development of his Mono Classic teapot, which revolutionized tea preparation with its synthesis of form and function. Simply brilliant was the idea of making the strainer nearly as large as the teapot to give the tea leaves more room to develop their aroma. The Mono teapot was awarded as often as it was copied. It was the inventor of a functional principle, a pioneer in modern functional design language and became a design icon. From Kassel to New York, it is part of collections of modern and applied art and in daily use in thousands of households worldwide.


The strainer is made of durable, tasteless, stainless steel mesh, and the pot is made of fire-resistant borosilicate glass. The specific geometry of the glass ensures that the last bit of liquid remains in the pot with the tea crumbs it contains. All parts are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.


Also available in the compact 0.6L size. 


Made in Germany

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Filio Teapot (1.5L)
MONO Germany

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