Dandy Sofa
2 Seater / Black Stained Oak / Linara

The stylish and comfortable Dandy Sofa brings homely references to any public space or office. Its curvaceous geometry means that it doesn’t feel committed to standing against a wall - it can be freely placed in space in any orientation, creating interesting areas and flowing pathways around it. The Dandy design encourages interactions as its curvaceous form has its guests face each other and when placed in an open space it creates new movement patterns in the room.

The name Dandy refers to the concept that emerged in the 18th century, where a dandy is a middle-class man who, with a certain extravagance in his clothes and appearance, wants to convey a sense of fine taste and elegance. The Dandy Collection expresses certain values associated with the dandy – elegance, panache, beauty and a relaxed attitude. 

Designed by Chris martin
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Dandy Sofa

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