Studio Henry Wilson

Studio Henry Wilson

Henry Wilson is an Australian designer who creates furniture, lighting, accessories and components in metal, stone and glass; he has also designed interiors for two Aesop stores in Sydney. He has lived and worked in Sydney for more than 30 years; it is the place to which he habitually retreats, and where he feels most unfettered creatively.

Henry’s work is characterised in part by utilitarianism, with a clear form and function. But it is also important to him that it embodies feeling – he is interested in the imperfect beauty that comes from objects made by hand, and in the creation of pieces that retain a sense of individual charm while not compromising the robust framework required for manufacture. 

Materials often speak for themselves, to evoke an intuitive response connected to their physical properties and design heritage. The anthropology of design has a linear narrative – contemporary designs and production methods stem from those that have come before – the act of design is a fluid exchange between inspirations, materials and production.

Simon James is proud to be the exclusive stockist of Henry Wilson in Aotearoa. 

  • Almendres Candleholder
  • Brass Book Weight
  • Fin Bookends in Bronze - Pair
  • Incense Burner in Blackened Bronze
  • Oil Burner in Aluminium
  • Rectangular Vide Poche in Bronze
  • Round Vide Poche in Aluminium
  • Round Vide Poche in Bronze
  • Towel Hook in Bronze