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13 Drawers / Blue

Usually a chest of drawers consists of an exterior frame, back panel and runners on each drawer. The height is limited to the size of the frame and the drawer can only be opened in one direction.

With ‘Stack’ Shay Alkalay has questioned these elements and challenged our perception of what a drawer unit can be. These individual, multi-coloured, ‘floating’ drawer units are built up to different heights, creating a tower of drawers that can be pushed and pulled in both directions. This will often result in a random and irregular formality that is both fascinating and unusual to the eye. Positioned against a wall or in the centre of a room Stack creates a rich and wonderful spectacle of colour and form. It can be appreciated from all angles as a sculptural object as well as an entirely functional, practical item of furniture. Stack is offered in two standard sizes (8 drawer unit and 13 drawer unit) together with four multi-colour variants and a wood veneer variant. 

Designed by Raw edges
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