Zoumey Round Table
Arno Declercq

The Zoumey Round Table by Belgium designer, Arno Declercq is a sculptural piece that serves as furniture, and as a work of art. A forest of table legs made from 16 pieces of wood, this bespoke and monolithic table brings a sense of depth and functionality to a space. Available in both Yakusugi-treated Iroko Wood and African Walnut, this table can seat six and is also available in custom sizing.

The word Zoumey hails from the Fon culture of Benin, where Iroko is considered a very spiritual wood and thereby a forest of Iroko trees is called Zoumey. 

Designed by Arno declercq
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Zoumey Round Table
Arno Declercq

Estimated lead time 20 weeks
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