Te Atatū Residence by Material Creative

Calming colours, lots of gathering spaces and great flow. That was the brief for Material Creative on the renovation of this 1960s home overlooking the Waitematā Harbour, Te Atatū South.

The couple of this home have a super busy lifestyles, running their own businesses and raising three young children. They wanted to create something that contrasted sharply with their everyday lives, a family home that’s serene and clutter-free, but is also a place that’s welcoming and relaxed.

“I didn’t want a lot of colour. I prefer a limited palette and less visual noise but I still wanted interesting. Being reliant on tactile textures and the juxtaposition of forms and furnishings to give the spaces the right energy.”

The two storey five bed home reveals a faultless brief fulfilment. A simple interior for a complicated life. The open-plan living space is contemporary and convivial, handling big and small gatherings. Reworked spatially by flipping the kitchen and unravelling the rabbit warren of rooms creates spaciousness while adding modern functionality. Throw open the vast glazing to the backyard and pool, the communal space more than doubles, with additional dining and lounge areas.

The meaning of Te Atatū - the just after dawn, inspired the home. Outside the house is dark as night, sharp angles, dark timber, black joinery, and a cladding of rich rust brick. Inside, it feels dawn-like, airy, tranquil and light-filled.

Interior Design & Words Material Creative
Photographer Samuel Hartnett