Red Beach House by Fraser Horton Design

A rebellion to the expectations of what an Auckland coastal house should be. The Red Beach project by Fraser Horton with interior designer Juliet Lloyd is an ambitious marvel at the unification of industrial hard materials pitted against the alluring estuary seascape.


You are greeted upon entrance to a mezzanine opening to double-height ceilings of warehouse proportions, setting the tone visually and spatially.  A single wall of exposed recycled brick expanding over the two storeys imposes itself as the mainstay where black metal elements build the rest of the structure.  What can only be described as a fleet of colossal glass blades are actually black pivot doors that open the seamless transition from modern industrial living to the luscious views of shoreline evergreens.


The interior architecture works exceptionally at retaining the warmth of domesticity.  Basking in the sun, light imbues every room in the house, casting textural whispers on the plaster walls and restraining the unyielding industrial construction.  The soft furnishings are kept to the generous scale but minimalist in design as to let every detail speak for itself. 


Three-time Silver Pin winner at the Best Awards, to much of its merit. The Red Beach project is a home that revels urban living in a place where, like the tides, space and time can pass without interruption.

Featured Brands Simon James Resident Mattiazzi
Photographer Jono Parker
Interior Design Juliet Lloyd