Meeting Mattiazzi - Driven with Purpose, Powered by Solar

We met with Mattiazzi last year to learn about their clean power ventures that lead the conversation in sustainability.


For the past 40 years, Mattiazzi has taken conscientious responsibility to sustainably handcraft timber furniture with the most devoted designers. Their pledge to respect the environment and dedication to reduce carbon emissions is longstanding. 

From their latest Auckland presentation, we'd like the highlight some insights on their holistic and innovative sustainability model. 


Sustainably sourced and certified timber

Mattiazzi is committed to crafting chairs that are not only beautiful but also sustainable. Each chair is handcrafted using only wood certified by FSC and PEFC standards, sourced from the forests surrounding the Sava River Basin which is approximately 250km away from forest to factory. This area is home to 140 hectares of hardwood forestry, providing conservation to woods of oak, ash, poplar, and elm.


Solar powered energy efficiency

In addition to using sustainable materials, Mattiazzi takes steps to minimize their environmental impact in their production process. The factory is powered with over 600 rooftop solar panels which powers all machinery onsite. As of 2021, solar generated 72% of the total energy consumption and an impressive 99% from the previous year. Mattiazzi continues to strive for net-zero energy, exploring new and innovative ways to reduce their impact.


Solar power analysis
2019: 93% autonomy
277.267 (kwh) produced 
299.375 (kwh) consumed

2020: 99% autonomy
294.678 (kwh) produced
295.933 (kwh) consumed

2021: 72% autonomy
272.200 (kwh) produced
377.228 (kwh) consumed


No waste: biomass heater

Furthering their stride towards clean energy, Mattiazzi implements a zero-waste biomass solution. This means all wood that has been discarded in the manufacturing process gets renewed as energy. In turn, this energy goes through a pipelines system that provides heating as well as purifying air circulation for all indoor facilities. Wood chips, sawdust, and all other wood offcuts are burned as fuel through the Mattiazzi's thermal electricity plant. Additionally, their onsite filtration system captures and stores carbon dioxide, ensuring their impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

Fuel gas analysis
Particulate: 6,5mg/Nm3 (legal limit: 50mg/Nm3)
Carbon monoxide: 273mg/Nm3 (legal limit: 360mg/Nm3)
Chimney Carbon Dioxide: 9%

“Mattiazzi has a sustainable model that everybody should look to.” Mike Holland – Foster + Partners

Data supplied by Mattiazzi Italy 2022 and Mattiazzi SRL Sustainability