Massproductions at Sven-Harrys - Sculptures From the Factory


Art Museum Sven-Harrys


“This exhibition picks up where our craft exhibition left off. In it, we showed the people behind the works, work processes that are sometimes told, sometimes shown. Now we’re going from showing the physical craftsmanship, where production is literally in your hands, and taking the step further with this exhibition to show design objects and the industrial manufacturing process – in a poetic and modern interpretation. It will be so much fun to welcome visitors to a playful and artistic design exhibition.”

– Dragana Kusoffsky Maksimović (CEO, Sven-Harrys)

Massproductions – Sculptures from the Factory opens 8 February in conjunction with Stockholm Design Week 2023, and will be shown through 19 March at Sven-Harry’s Art Museum in Stockholm.



“What happens when industrial manufacturing tools and processes move from the factory floor to an art gallery? Tools and processes that were originally intended to give life to beautiful objects, but that are never actually front and centre themselves. Suddenly, brutal and utilitarian items are transformed into beautiful sculptures and installations.”

– Chris Martin (Designer in Chief, Massproductions)

“The whole reason we started Massproductions was from our obsession with what the ultimate conditions for fantastic design are, and the answer is to find the balance between art and industry. When Sven-Harrys konstmuseum asked us for a show, it was natural to create one on this subject.”

– Magnus Elebäck (CEO, Massproductions)