Marine Parade by Seear-Budd Ross

Designed by multi-disciplinary duo Thomas Seear-Budd and James Ross, this Marine Parade home celebrates a minimal material palette to highlight the exquisite use of macrocarpa and limestone. Situated at the base of the Eastbourne hills, this home demonstrates an exceptional skill of balance — blending and reflecting the design vernacular of its neighbours along the Lower Hutt esplanade.


Despite its unassuming exterior, the interior reveals spacious open living with private sleeping quarters thanks to the clever use of a double pavilion floor plan. An overarching warmth is felt visibly all round from the pitched ceiling of honey-toned macrocarpa beams, constraining a sense of security which would otherwise be lost to the grand vistas of the surrounding wilderness. In belvedere style, the main living area yields to western sea views while an open-gallery of the terraced courtyard sets at the adjacent end.


A practice of immense restraint is depicted within every design detail, recessed elements and seamless finishes echo an attitude of composure and surrender to peace. Intersecting corridors give way to an essence of visual thoroughfare both physically and metaphorically throughout. Seear-Budd Ross’ Marine Parade delivers an ode to everyday residential living with exemplary maturity and craft.

Featured Brands Mattiazzi Simon James Resident
Architect Seear-Budd Ross
Photographer Rory Gardiner