Lost Boys Collection by Jessica McCormack

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Lost Boys Collection by Jessica McCormack

Introducing the Lost Boys Collection by Jessica McCormack.

A cult 1987 vampire film, missing schoolgirls in Edwardian dress, gothic literature, crosses, bows and corsets make up the mood board for Jessica McCormack’s new andogynous collection, Lost Boys.

Featuring earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and a new swivel-clasp pendant, each designed to work seamlessly alongside the house’s existing ranges. Lost Boys encompasses many of McCormack’s signature codes, with myriad new shapes. “It’s neither feminine, nor masculine,” McCormack says. “There are elements of both in all pieces, with nods to pocket watch fobs and old-fashioned women’s clothing features.”

The essence of this collection was perfectly captured on film by Veronica Crockford-Pound and Joseph Griffen (Pictvre). Shot on location along the majestic Pākiri coastline of New Zealand.

Named for the cult classic film by Joel Schumacher, Lost Boys is steeped in 90s nostalgia, the decade in which McCormack herself came of age. “My girl crushes in the 90s wore leather jackets and smoked, hung out with bad boys and were just a little bit goth,” she says. “It was also when I fell in love with the film Picnic at Hanging Rock,” she says, the latter being the cult Australian mystery about a group of boarding school girls going missing on a school picnic. “In terms of costume, the two films are opposites, but together, they become something else altogether,” she says.

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