Lightly Weighted by Oli Booth Architecture

Lightly Weighted, by Oli Booth Architecture, reconsiders the idea that inner-urban living needs to compromise on feeling reclusive and calm. Perched in an elevated position, the modest two-bedroom home feels removed and transportive, despite being embedded amongst residences in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn.
Whilst inner-city living has its multitude of benefits, an undeniably compromising closeness between residences exists, where seclusion is not always a given. By creating a protective shell surrounded by nature, Lightly Weighted feels both removed and private.

The small 85-square-metre home sits on an equally modest site of 280 square metres. The clever manipulation of the building form to engage with natural light throughout the day, while maintaining privacy, creates interesting moments that feel sculptural. The decision was made early on to keep the footprint small and the quality high to try to emphasise how smaller spaces can feel equally as generous as their larger selves.

Featured Brand Resident
Interior Design and Styling Oli Booth Architecture
Photographer Sam Hartnett