In conversation with Emma Lewisham
Founder of luxury, science-led natural skincare, Emma Lewisham and friend of Simon James visited the Herne Bay Store dressed in Emilia Wickstead's latest Collection.
Photographer Nicole Brannen

Founder of luxury, science-led natural skincare, Emma Lewisham and friend of Simon James visited the Herne Bay Store dressed in Emilia Wickstead's latest Collection.

We discuss some of Emma's beauty non-negotiable’s and where Emma found her drive and passion to change an entire industry.


What motivates you as a beauty pioneer in the industry?

Across both sustainability and efficacy, essentially it boils down to the fact that I don’t believe we should have to compromise. Emma Lewisham was born from the fact that I couldn’t find any scientifically proven skincare that was 100% natural. I didn’t want to have to compromise and didn’t believe other women should have to either. I was determined to develop luxurious, scientifically proven and 100% natural skincare that could perform as well as, if not better, than the synthetic alternatives.

And from a sustainability perspective, we shouldn’t have to compromise between leading, scientific skincare products and ones that have a positive environmental impact. I’m a problem solver by nature and have always had a curiosity to find a better way. I’m wired to ask “why” and am driven to find innovations that come without compromise to people or the planet.

What are some of your beauty non-negotiable’s?

Drinking plenty of water and daily SPF are my two absolute non-negotiables. I’m also very passionate about prioritising my health and wellbeing, as to me, this is an essential part of beauty. Alongside my skincare routine I also eat a predominantly plant based diet, only drink alcohol occasionally and exercise most days.

What are some of your most cherished rituals?

One of my most cherished rituals is having dinner with my family. My husband and I always arrange our days to ensure we can completely switch off from work and have this quality family time together with our daughter. I also really cherish my daily meditation practice, it helps to ground me and feel connected to what's most important in my life.

What makes you feel confident?

Feeling fit, healthy and relaxed makes me feel most confident.

Who or what is most inspiring you at the moment?

Jane Goodall and Michelle Obama are two women who really inspire me. They are down-to-Earth, kind, intelligent and uncompromising when it comes to standing up for what they believe in.

What are some of your favourite pieces from the Emilia Wickstead Collection and why?

I love the Brooke Dress, it has a sophisticated elegance and contemporary shape while still being super comfortable and beautifully understated. The Annalise Tunic paired with the Marcel Trousers is another one of my favourite looks as it's effortless and could take you from the office through to the evening.

Is there any advice or motto you live by when it comes to beauty and wellness?

I believe that working just as hard on my health and wellbeing as I do in my job, makes me a happier person and better mother, wife, friend, colleague and leader.

What does a sustainable future look like to you?

A sustainable future is one that is circular, carbon positive, transparent and collaborative. For me, these principles are non-negotiables in how we operate. Not only because they are the right thing to do, but because I believe that to exist as a business in the 21st century you will be ethically and environmentally held to account, both by consumers and by legislation. Taking responsibility for your impact will not only future proof our planet, but your business.

Collectively, we must change our mindset - we must recognise the value in putting collaboration over competition in order to solve our problems within the urgent timeframe required to make a meaningful difference.

Where did your drive and passion to change an entire industry come from?

My motivation is simply that I believe anyone in business today should be helping build a better future. This means being acutely aware of the environmental impact your business has and actively working to create a positive one.

Packaging is the beauty industry's single largest contributor of carbon emissions, so moving towards a circular, climate positive business model is the only viable solution to reducing waste, carbon emissions, and meeting global climate targets.

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